On Wednesday 8th January 2003, snow fell heavily across southern England making travel conditions treacherous, as concerned Zimbabwean exiles made their journeys to London for a scheduled meeting at the House of Commons.

International cricket sees Mr Mugabe’s Zimbabwe as safe and secure for a World Cup cricket tournament in 2003. Did the ruling party ZANU PF launch a misleading sales/marketing pitch for cricket chiefs last year? There are plenty of Zimbabweans in exile wanting to make governments and especially the cricket world aware of the crisis in Zimbabwe today.


Senior labour MP Derek Wyatt agreed to a 5pm meeting with a group of about 25 - 30, at an office in Portcullis House. He listened for an hour to a multiracial gathering of Zimbabweans with first hand experience of the Mugabe regime.


Perhaps, crickets Tim Lamb and Nasser Hussain will watch the Channel 4 documentary ‘Mugabe’s Secret Famine’ on
Sunday 12th January at 8pm. After the programme, they just might decide to cancel their games in Harare and Bulawayo, even play their cricket matches in South Africa or Kenya instead. We live in hope...


The meeting with MP Derek Wyatt at the House of Commons was also attended by visiting Zimbabwean MP for Zengeza district Tafadzwa Musekiwa.

So what are the constitutions of the ICC and ECB? If anyone out in cyberspace knows their aims and objectives, please e-mail: sue_perkins82@yahoo.co.uk
11 Jan. 2003 Thanks go to www.zimbabwehope.co.uk for e-mailing a reply with the ICC constitution info

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